What is a ‘Sports Physio?’

Do I need a 'Sports Physio?'



The term ‘sports physio’ is used a lot, and you if you are involved in sport and get injured, you may be advised to seek out a ‘sports physio’. 

So, what is a ‘Sports Physio’?

Sports Physiotherapy’ (or sports physio) is a specialist area of physiotherapy that involves assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of sporting related injuries.

Chartered physiotherapists that specialise in musculoskeletal injuries are experts in treatment of all sporting injuries and for all age groups.

At IONA Physiotherapy clinic in Drumcondra, our team is made up of clinical specialists and senior musculoskeletal Physiotherapists.  Our physiotherapists have previously worked in professional sport and performance with Leinster Rugby and Riverdance among others.

If you are looking for a ‘sports physio’, then please contact our experienced team for a thorough assessment and rehabilitation program.






If you're not fully vaccinated, please contact the clinic first by phone prior to booking an appointment online. Thank you.

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