Taping and Strapping

There are many different types of taping materials and techniques and chartered physiotherapists are experts at selecting the type of tape and technique that is most appropriate for you:

  • Rigid Strapping Tape (sometimes referred to as sports tape) can be used to stabilise or support a ligament injury, relieve pain by unloading the painful tissues or facilitate normal movement.
  • Elastic strapping tape can be used when less support or rigidity is required for example, supporting a muscle strain.
  • Kinesiology tape is a type of elastic tape that assists how muscles function during movement.

At IONA Physiotherapy we offer many types of taping and strapping materials and techniques for foot strapping, ankle strapping, knee strapping, shoulder strapping , wrist/hand/ thumb strapping, hamstring muscle strapping, calf muscle strapping etc. Taping can be a useful adjunct to your rehab from injury, including allowing return to sport while protecting an injury but the exact diagnosis and extent of your injury are the major determinants of return to sport. Following a thorough musculoskeletal assessment, we will discuss with you whether or not taping will be helpful for your problem and which type of tape and taping technique is most appropriate.