You rely on your feet to propel you for almost every physical activity you do. The foot is a complex structure that moves in 3-D motion. For optimum function and comfortable feet, the biomechanics need to be finely tuned and working efficiently.

A problem with the biomechanics of your feet (e.g. over pronation, supination etc.) can cause a feeling of “tired feet” or pain in the feet, knees, hips and spine. Orthotics (a special type of insole in your shoe) work to optimize the biomechanics of the feet, leading to less strain on your feet, lower limbs and spine. The range of orthotics available is comprehensive; ranging from a simple off the shelf device to a device that is custom made (from a mold of your foot) in a laboratory for your individual foot.

We can customize your orthotic depending on your foot mechanics, your weight, sport, level of activity and type of shoes that you wear. Of course, like glasses, not everyone needs orthotics and sometimes advice regarding the most appropriate footwear for your foot type is sufficient. The best treatment option will be discussed with you after a comprehensive biomechanical assessment.