Best Technique for Squat

Poor squatting technique can adversely load the body, leading to injury e.g. spine, hip and knee.  It is useful to use a mirror from the side and then the front in order to check the technique of your squat.  With good squatting technique, you should certainly feel your muscles working but no feeling of strain or ache.   Things to watch for:

  • Looking from the front: the centre of your knee cap, should line up over your middle toe, no knock knees!
  • Looking from the side, your knees should not move forward in front of the ankle joints, the knee should be directly above the ankle joint
  • Looking from the side, your lower back should stay in neutral (gentle hollow), and the spine should neither bend nor arch as you squat
  • As you squat, lift your arms up to counterbalance, and bring them down again as you return to standing.  This will help to stop you from falling over!