Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

Otherwise known as GTPS, can be one of the causes of pain on the outside of the hip.  GTPS involves the tendons and bursae (small fluid filled sacs) which surround an area of bone on the outside of the hip known as the greater trochanter.


Symptoms include pain lying on that side, pain on the outside of the hip which gets worse with prolonged use and pain climbing stairs.

Risk Factors:

  1. Crossing your legs!
  2. Training error- too much too soon, leaves tendons vulnerable to injury (tendinopathy.)
  3. Repetitive Training
  4. Tight ITB (iliotibial band)
  5. Poor core stability
  6. Standing on one leg for prolonged Periods


Treatment will start with your physiotherapist taking a  detailed history followed by physical examination and a biomechanical evaluation.  Your treatment plan  is likely to include some modification of your current exercise regime and an exercise programme.  It will be tailored to your current function, with consideration given to contributing factors identified during examination and your goals