High arched foot (supinated foot)

Picture Conor McCabe Photography.
Pronation is the normal way the foot rolls-inward when you walk or run. For some people, the foot remains in a rigid position when they walk or run meaning that little or no pronation occurs. This is often referred to as a supinated or “high arched foot.” The supinated foot shock absorbs shock poorly, meaning that higher forces than normal occur at certain points in the foot and up through the lower limb. A supinated or high arched foot can predispose to injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, shin splints e.t.cetc. After completing a lower limb biomechanical assessment and detailed examination of your foot, we will discuss your treatment options. Treatment may include orthotics, stretching exercises and advice on footwear to prevent injury. If an orthotic is required, it is a different type of orthotic than that needed for a flat foot and this can be explained in greater detail at your appointment. Generally footwear that has extra shock absorbency or “bounce” suits the high arched foot best.
If you are making an appointment about a foot problem it is helpful if you bring in your shoes and sports footwear along with you to your first appointment.