Knee fracture

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The most common type of knee fracture is of the patella (knee cap) but fractures of the ends of the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone) that make up the knee joint are other causes of knee fracture. Symptoms of knee fracture are likely to include pain, swelling and pain on weight bearing. A knee fracture will generally occur due to trauma. A common cause of fracure of the patella is a fall or a direct blow (such as a hockey stick or hurl)to the knee cap. Pedestrians hit by a car from the side can sustain a knee fracture at the tibia or femur.
Once your orthopaedic surgeon is satisfied that there is sufficient bone healing, you will need to commence physiotherapy. The initial focus during physiotherapy will be on regaining normal range of movement, but establishing a normal gait pattern and muscle strength is also very important.

Treatment may include manual therapy and massage to restore normal movement, gait re education and an exercise programme to restore normal movement, strength and function. If you play sport, you will receive a rehabilitation programme tailored for you, designed to return you to your specific activity.