Patellofemoral pain Syndrome (Runner’s Knee)


Patellofemoral pain syndrome (pain behind the knee cap) is a common problem in runners, cyclists and those involved in jumping activities.
The pain may be caused by abnormal forces behind the knee cap or training error. The patella is a sesamoid bone (floating bone) within the quadriceps muscle and many factors, such as weak gluteal and quadriceps muscles or suboptimal foot biomechanics can alter it’s tracking. It is the altered tracking, which leads to abnormal forces behind the patella which causes the pain. Women are more prone to patellofemoral pain syndrome due to the shape of the female pelvis. Symptoms often include knee pain walking up or down stairs, with running/ jumping and prolonged sitting.

At IONA Physiotherapy, you will receive a thorough assessment, which will include a biomechanical assessment of your whole lower limb, including your hip, knee and foot. Such a biomechanical assessment is crucial to determine the cause of your patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Treatment will depend on the specific reason for your patellofemoral pain but may include a strengthening or stretching programme, manual therapy, advice regarding footwear, orthotics (if required)and advice regarding your specific training regime. It is helpful if you can bring your shoes and sports footwear with you for your first appointment if you have knee pain.