Inspired by the Dublin City Marathon to start Recreational Running?


This weekend will see almost 20,000 people take to the streets of Dublin to participate in the annual Dublin City Marathon. If this inspires you to think about taking up running, there are some helpful tips you should know to reduce your risk of developing a musculoskeletal injury.

In April, Louise took part in RCSI’s public lecture series (RCSIMyHealth) and explored the topic of how to prevent injuries as a recreational runner, as part of an evening of lectures on the topic of Active Lifestyles – are they Helpful or Harmful? No surprise to summarise the evening’s discussion that an active lifestyle carries with it significant health benefits, including adding years to your life. Participation in sport of course does carry some risk of developing a musculoskeletal injury but research evidence is building on how best to identify who is at risk of such injuries, and more importantly, how to go about preventing these injuries.

Louise Keating’s 20 minute lecture summarises this evidence and should be of help to the novice runner or even seasoned marathon runner.

Good luck to those of you taking part in the Marathon on Sunday!